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Markets and Shopping areas in Leeds

Everyone likes to shop. From expensive clothing to cheap bargains, even students appreciate the pleasure of rummaging through stalls looking for a good find. Leeds Trinity University students will find shopping around Leeds caters for all their budgets whether they are buying food or the latest fashions. To do this, of course, you need somewhere with good shops, cheap bargains and a friendly atmosphere.

Luckily, Leeds is one of the best places for shopping in the north, with a  wide range of unique and independent markets, as well as the more traditional commercial shopping outlets. If you know where you're going, its not difficult to find something interesting in the stalls.

Granary Wharf

Granary Wharf is a short walk from the station, and offers a more unique shopping experience. Between wine bars coffee shops and modern city centre flats, you can find a range of independent business and sellers, selling everything imaginable. It is worth a browse if you like finding interesting things, or simply looking around to see what's available.

Although in recent years the wharf has given way to restaurants, bars and apartments, the area still plays host to occasional markets. These markets are rife with independent stalls selling all varieties of items. Of course, due to this varied nature the price and quality can vary (although there's nothing wrong with attempting to haggle), yet the sheer variety and atmosphere of the place is more than enough to draw in people. If you like to experience the more uncommon things in life, then the market at Granary Wharf can be a heady experience.

Kirkgate Market

Another popular, and more permanent market, is the Kirkgate market. Situated in a wonderful Edwardian building, this is a very noticeable landmark to those who are familiar with it. Whilst it is still a market, it is mostly known for its food. Renowned throughout for both its high variety and quality, this is a great place to shop for something special to put in the fridge.

The Light

The Light is a market that is harder to describe, as it seems to include a bit of everything. With an emphasis on clothes and designer brands, The Light also adds clubs, restaurants and even a cinema. In short, if you’re a fashion guru and like to find cheap deals on the leading designs, this place has more than enough to keep any fashion hungry student here all day.

The Corn Exchange

Despite the somewhat unusual name, the Corn Exchange is all about clothing. Situated in a fantastic, beautiful listed building, the business here is all about clothes. Prices can vary, as there a wide range of items on offer.

Likewise, there is a café or two to rest your feet when you're done. You might not be here the whole day, but then again it can be quite easy to get carried away.

All in all Leeds is a fantastic city for shopping. From major brands and retailers to independent market stalls, there's something for everyone, no matter what your budget. Even the humble student can find amazing and interesting things at surprisingly low prices.