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Safe Areas to Work and Live: Things to Consider

 Everyone worries about the safety of themselves and their family, and finding a suitable area to work and live in that reassures you can be difficult. Whether it’s in the city or the countryside, crime can occur anywhere and there’s no guarantee of safety through this selection.
 So, is there a safe place in the UK? There are certainly some places that are a lot more desirable than others and property prices seem to reflect that - human nature being what it is. You'll find plenty of information about sold house prices online, through property comparison sites like or through your estate agent once you have decided on the area you want. As a general rule, if the price is high, the area is probably safer than most.
 When thinking of and researching the safest places to work and live, crime rate is a huge factor in whether you want to take the plunge and buy a property in a certain area. There are other things to take into consideration though. In the increasingly unstable environment, flood risks, fire hazards and even terrorism may not be something you thought about, but should take into consideration when thinking about safety. Insurance companies refer to public protection classification ratings to decide things like the risk of fire based on how close areas are to fire response teams. Things like neighbourhood watch schemes and policing levels will affect the safety rating of an area and although you may find the safety rating high, some places still have very high instances of burglary.
 The best thing is to thoroughly check your chosen area before you sign and ensure there are no nasty surprises lurking. Check the area if you can, see what it's like after dark and at various times of the day before you make that important choice.